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My First Conference! OR, TeachMeet & Librarians’ Day.

Last week has been really interesting and productive in terms of reflective practice and starting to think about how I want the second year in my role as a subject librarian to go. I have said several times this week that I want to ‘do the same as last year but less terrified”. This is […]

The Endless ‘What Next?’ Or Tales in Continuing Professional Development

One of the things about being a librarian or generally working in a sector where you are teaching/supporting people is that you never seem to be done with the feelings that there is tonnes and tonnes of knowledge that you are missing out/need to be better at your job/need to GET a job. ┬áThis may […]

Easter Blog revival

I abandoned this blog last February, leaving the draft of a very bitter post about my then experience of trying to find a job after finishing my librarianship MA. I was working an evening job that did not bring in enough money to pay the bills so I was dependent on my partner’s and my […]